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As a young woman, Cory went through several of the trials that other young women go through including that awkward stage of not fitting in. She searched outside herself to fix what she thought was ‘wrong’ with her until she finally realized that she’s perfect just the way she is. Only then did the craving to fit in cease to be such a quest. However, that definitely took a long time. Her goal through this book is to dramatically shorten the distance between where you are now and where you want to be.

In this book, she shares with you the story of her life. In each chapter, she highlights lessons that will better equip you to handle any challenges you face.


These lessons will reveal:

  • The secrets to living a life you love.
  • The skills to creating dreams and goals to inspire you.
  • The pathway to achieving your dreams.
  • The keys to unlocking any closed doors.

The action steps will have you:

  • Walking down the pathway to your dreams.
  • Unlocking the door to your new life.
  • Stepping into a life you love!

Get ready to create and embrace a life that you love right now!



Here are a few items you may want to purchase to go with your copy of "I Love Myself so" To support you in creating a life you love every day!

Use one of these two Journals to answer questions that evoke responses that have you falling in love with your life and the inspirational quotes on alternating pages will feed your mind and inspire you to think in new and positive ways about life!