The Love You to Life Course is Finally Here Starting Friday, May 10th!

The First Love You to Life Course Starts Friday, May 10, 2019
Join us to learn the steps to create a life you love.

Fall so in love with your life that you bound out of bed excited for each day!
Instead of working so hard on your goals, get your goals to start working on you. Gain a new zest for life with Cory as your personal you guide!

That’s what Loving You to Life is all about.

Learn how to start loving your life immediately.
Figure out who you would have to be to have a next level life!
Design an amazing future that inspires you to move forward every day.
Learn how to improve both your relationships and results in life!
Shift your focus to begin creating your heart’s desires…

We will go through the book I Love Myself So… A Guide to Creating a Life You Love and implement the principles by taking on the action steps in each chapter. Together We Will Begin Creating a Life You Love!

Creating a life you love is a continuous and never-ending endeavor.
Every day when you wake up you have a choice to make it an amazing day.
You get to choose your attitude and with these tools, you will learn how to
create an amazing day every day no matter what!

This course will begin on Friday, May 10th at 8 AM Pacific Standard Time.
The Course takes place every Friday at the same time for four weeks concluding on Friday, May 31st. Participants will receive a pre-course coaching call to be sure they get the most from their participation. They will also be invited to join a facebook group to connect and collaborate with other participants. A weekly email will remind participants of the course materials to be covered for the week so they can come prepared to make the biggest difference possible for themselves and their lives.

Level 2 of Love You to Life will take place in June. Dates to follow.

For more information on participating in this or future courses, click here to send Cory a message or email her at

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